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Round Trip
  • Released 1981
  • Capitol ST-12168
  • Produced by Jack Douglas
  1. Doug Fieger – Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
  2. Berton Averre – Lead Guitar, Keyboards and Vocals
  3. Bruce Gary – Drums and Percussion
  4. Prescott Niles – Bass Guitar
  5. Horns – James Pankow, Lee Loughnane, Walter Parazaider, Marty Greb, Tom Scott
  6. Strings – Christine Gummere, Carol Buck, Christopher Finckel
  7. Harmonica – Tommy Morgan
  8. Pedal Steel – Sneaky Pete
  9. Percussion – Bill Freesh, Peter Baynes, Jack Douglas, Bruce Ravid
  10. Background vocals – Flo And Eddie, Mark Hudson, Judy Halpert, Bruce Ravid, Bill Freesh, Jeff Conroy, Peter Baynes, Deanna Conroy, Olympia DeCarlo, Nicole Boroda, Mark Volman, Fred Hostetler and Sharona

Round Trip

The Knack

  1. Radiating Love (Fieger-Averre)
  2. Soul Kissin’ (Fieger-Averre)
  3. Africa (Fieger-Averre)
  4. She Likes The Beat (Fieger)
  5. Just Wait And See (Fieger-Averre)
  6. We Are Waiting (Fieger-Corey)
  7. Boys Go Crazy (Fieger)
  8. Lil’ Cal’s Big Mistake (Fieger-Averre)
  9. Sweet Dreams (Fieger)
  10. Another Lousy Day In Paradise (Fieger-Averre)
  11. Pay The Devil (Ooo Baby Ooo) (Averre)
  12. Art War (Fieger-Averre)

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