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This Is My Song


  • Released 1992
  • Capitol 80537
  1. Project Director: Wayne Watkins


The Knack

  1. My Sharona (Fieger-Averre)
  2. Your Number Or Your Name (Fieger-Averre)
  3. One Day At A Time (Fieger-Averre)
  4. The Hard Way (Davies)
  5. Good Girls Don’t (Fieger)
  6. (She’s So) Selfish (Fieger-Averre)
  7. Just Wait And See (Fieger-Averre)
  8. Baby Talks Dirty (Fieger-Averre)
  9. We Are Waiting (Fieger-Coury)
  10. I Want Love (Fieger-Averre-Torpey)
  11. Africa (Fieger-Averre)
  12. Can’t Put A Price On Love (Fieger-Averre)
  13. Rocket O’ Love (Demo Version) (Fieger-Averre)
  14. Another Lousy Day In Paradise (Fieger-Averre)
  15. Sweet Dreams (Fieger)
  16. Don’t Look Back (Springsteen)
  17. Pay The Devil (Ooo Baby Ooo) (Averre)

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