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Normal As The Next Guy
  • Released 2001
  • Zen Records/Smile 1156
  • Produced by Doug Fieger & Richard Bosworth
  1. Doug Fieger: Lead Vocals, Electric & Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar, Mellotron, Vox Organ, Percussion, Backing Vocals
  2. Berton Averre: Lead Guitar, Piano, Wurlitzer Elec. Piano, Hammond Organ, Melotron, Synth Horns, Backing Vocals
  3. Prescott Niles: Bass Guitar, Six String Bass Guitar
  4. Drums: David Henderson as Holmes Jones, Pat Torpey
  5. Accordion on “Les Girls”: Art Fein
  6. Saxophones on “Les Girls”: John Amato
  7. Guitar Solo on “A World Of My Own”: John Jorgenson
  8. Percussion on “The Man On The Beach”: Justin Rocherolle

Normal As The Next Guy

The Knack

  1. Les Girls (Fieger)
  2. Disillusion Town (Fieger-Averre)
  3. Girl I Never Lied To You (Coury-Byrom)
  4. Normal As The Next Guy (Fieger-Averre)
  5. Spiritual Pursuit (Fieger)
  6. It’s Not Me (Fieger-Bossman)
  7. One Day At A Time (Fieger-Averre)
  8. Seven Days Of Heaven (Fieger-Mancini-Pobejaglo)
  9. Dance Of Romance (Fieger-Averre)
  10. Reason To Live (Feiger-Bossman)
  11. A World Of My Own (Fieger-Bossman)
  12. The Man On The Beach (Averre)

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