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First Things First
  • Released 1999
  • Zen Records
  • Produced by Doug Fieger & Don Was
  1. Doug Fieger: Vocals, Acoustic & Electric Rhythm Guitar, Lead Guitar on "Praying For You", Some Bass
  2. Rick Dufay: Lead Guitar
  3. Jim Keltner: Drums & Percussion
  4. Billy Ward: Drums
  5. Don Was: Bass
  6. Edward B. Kemper: Bass
  7. Benmont Tench: Piano & Organ
  8. Nicky Hopkins: Piano
  9. Ray Manzarek: Piano & Organ
  10. Billy Preston: Organ
  11. Jeff "Skunk" Baxter: Pedal Steel Guitar
  12. Jimmy Woods: Harp
  13. Danny Johnson: Extra Guitar on "Shake Me"
  14. Neil Rosengarden: French Horn
  15. Michael Libow: Backing Vocal on "Lie To Me"

First Things First

Doug Fieger

  1. Nothing’s Easy (Fieger)
  2. Shake Me (Fieger-Davis)
  3. Wishing Doesn’t Make It So (Fieger)
  4. Ambition (Fieger-Lynch)
  5. You Gotta Be There (Fieger)
  6. Lie To Me (Fieger)
  7. Praying For You (Fieger)
  8. Without You (Fieger)
  9. She Says (Fieger)
  10. Right Of Center (Fieger)
  11. We All Ride Alone (Fieger)
  12. Hour Of The Storm (Fieger)
  13. Love Hurts (Bryant)

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