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Doug’s Legacy in the Hall of Fame

Posted on Saturday, September 29th, 2012 at 5:47 pm by Jim Falkenstein

In the months following his death in 2010, representatives of the Estate of Doug Fieger sorted through boxes of his records in preparation to donate them to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Library + Archives.  As his friends well know, Doug kept everything, and the collection was vast.  We are proud to announce that the Doug Fieger Papers are now available for viewing at the library.  In addition to documents relating to his years with The Knack, there are photos, magazines, papers and memorabilia that reflect just about every aspect of his life; friends, family, hobbies included.

Doug’s “Sharona” Stratocaster and the iconic shirt and vest he wore on the cover of The Knack’s debut album, Get The Knack, are on loan to the museum.  Here’s hoping they get to work on that Punk/New Wave exhibit soon!  (Maybe a fan mail drive could push the cause?)

We are grateful to Howard Kramer and the entire library archives staff for their heroic effort in cataloging this vast collection.  Thanks to them Doug’s memory, if not the man, will live on.

For a complete description of The Doug Fieger Papers please visit:

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