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Review of First Things First, by Rick Schadelbauer

Posted on Thursday, October 28th, 2010 at 1:34 am by Jim Falkenstein

(This article first appeared in Amplifier Magazine #20 Sept/Oct 2000)

Doug Fieger, First Things First
(Zen Records)

Those who expect Doug Fieger to be the same grinning, oversexed lad who
appeared on the cover of Get the Knack twenty years ago are likely to be
disappointed by this, the Knack frontman’s solo debut. For First Things
is adult pop at its absolute best, perfectly capturing the joys and
the disappointments inherent to being a grown-up in the twenty-first

Unlike much of the Knack’s work, First Things First is largely acoustic,
allowing Fieger the freedom to use his distinctive voice to fill in much of
the songs’ emotion. And the emotion is here in buckets, most notably in the
wistful “Wishing Doesn’t Make It So,” “You Gotta Be There,” and Fieger’s
cover of the evergreen “Love Hurts,” in which the heartbreak is so palpable
that the listener almost feels as an intruder on a private painful moment.

Lest any Fieger fan fear Doug has lost his will to rock, check out the
biting “Shake Me,” and an alternate version of “Ambition” which makes the
fact that the Knack’s 1998 Zoom album was so criminally underappreciated
that much more of a bitter pill.

With Zoom and now First Things First, Doug Fieger is on a true roll. Here’s
to hoping he goes three-for-three.

– Rick Schadelbauer, Amplifier Magazine #20, (Sept./Oct. 2000)

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